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the highest quality service and automobile parts


Car repair and tires in Sault Ste. Marie


SOO AUTO is a repair center, providing you with the highest quality service and automobile parts. Our repair shop is a certified car and light truck maintenance center.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to diagnose, maintain and repair your vehicle. We take care of your preventive maintenance plan and all your maintenance needs on brakes, engine, exhaust system, shocks, steering and more.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our Services

We take care of your preventive maintenance plan

Engine & Diagnostics

Our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and operated by certified technicians.

Tires & wheels

Our experienced technicians have a vast experience in everything tires and wheels.


Our priority is your safety and that of your passengers.

Suspension & Alignment

If you feel  suspicious vibrations, trust us with your vehicle for a quick diagnostic and high-quality maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Fully Equipped Automotive Service Center in Sault Ste Marie

Some of the best technology available for vehicle alignments, tire installation and balancing as well as trouble shooting and diagnostics.

There’s no need to shop around for pricing, SOO AUTO has the most competitive pricing around! Come by and see for yourself.

Our technicians are some of the best the Sault Ste Marie has to offer!

Only State-of-the-art tools and equipment

U will only receive the highest quality service and automobile parts.

A huge selection of tires and rims for every make and model.

our priority is service! We do all routine maintenance and repairs; brakes, suspension, steering, fluid leaks and changes, battery and electronic issues, exhaust concerns, air conditioning and more.


you can be confident that SOO AUTO can repair your vehicle in the most cost effective, efficient manner!

Sales & Installation of tires